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DotNetBar for WinForms
DotNetBar for WinForms Renewals
DotNetBar for WPF
DotNetBar for WPF Renewals
DotNetBar for Silverlight

DotNetBar WinForms Single Developer+Source Code (DNBSC)

DotNetBar WinForms Single Developer+Source Code

- Absolutely no run-time royalty fees of any kind
- One license per developer required
- Developer can use license on both his desktop and laptop machine
- No license for build machine required
- 12 months of all and any updates both major or minor
- 12 months of our rapid email based support
- 12 months of source code updates

DotNetBar is 100% native .NET component written in C#, so source code that you will receive will be in C# language. Initially you will receive the source code for current version of DotNetBar. Free source code updates for 12 months from the date of purchase are included.

After you complete source code order please allow up to 48 hours for delivery. You will receive the access to the customer only web site to download full version of DotNetBar shortly after your order is processed.
Please note that no returns are accepted on source code orders. Please also note that we do not support custom source code modifications or builds and you need to have requisite knowledge to work with the source code.

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