While running DotNetBar on certain machines you might experience GDI+  exceptions (like Generic GDI+ error etc.). In most of the cases these exceptions are thrown from .NET framework classes. Applies to VS.NET and VS.NET 2003.

These exceptions are most likely caused by three factors:

1. Outdated Graphic Card drivers. Make sure that you download latest graphic card drivers and install them.

2. Usage of ICO files as images on your menus, toolbars and side bar. Icon file support is very buggy in .NET Framework especially with icons that include alpha-blending channel. Search deja.com for numerous problems with them. We recommend that you use PNG-24 format which is much more stable and it supports alpha-blending.

3. Using Application.EnableVisualStyles without calling Application.DoEvents afterwards. This is very common oversight. EnableVisualStyles is very buggy and DoEvents must be called afterwards or .NET Windows Forms will not function properly. We recommend using manifest files instead which are rock solid. All our samples include manifest files so you can simply take one and modify it to suit your need.

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