By default, the publish option in VS.NET ClickOnce deployment will be set to Prerequisite for assemblies stored in the Global Assembly Cache. DotNetBar assembly is by default located in GAC.

Because of this setting, if you are deploying to a location that does not have the correct DotNetBar DLL already installed, your project will not work. In Publish wizard to deploy the DotNetBar assembly change its publish status to Include. This is the most common cause for problems with ClickOnce deployment for a project that uses DotNetBar controls.

How to change the Publish Setting?

Use the following steps to configure your application’s DotNetBar assembly reference to include DotNetBar assembly as part of ClickOnce deployment.

1) Access the project’s properties interface by right-clicking on the project in Solution Explorer and selecting properties or through Visual Studio 2005’s main toolbar’s Project -> (Your project name) Properties.

2) Click on the Publish tab.

3) Click on the Application Files button.

4) In the interface that appears, you will find the DotNetBar assembly  (DevComponents.DotNetBar2dll) that is referenced. Change its Publish Status to Include.