To customize appearance of Application Button in any style after Office 2007 (like 2013 etc.) you need to modify the application button color table on Office2007ColorTable like so:


Office2007ColorTable table = ((Office2007Renderer)GlobalManager.Renderer).ColorTable;
Office2007ButtonItemColorTable defaultTable =table.ApplicationButtonColors[0];
defaultTable.Default.Background=new LinearGradientColorTable(Color.Red);


Dim table As Office2007ColorTable = DirectCast(GlobalManager.Renderer, Office2007Renderer).ColorTable
Dim defaultTable As Office2007ButtonItemColorTable = table.ApplicationButtonColors(0)
defaultTable.[Default].Background = New LinearGradientColorTable(Color.Red)

If you are using Office 2003 style then follow instructions below to customize application button.

Default appearance of Ribbon Application Button is a round glossy button as shown in the image below:

To customize its appearance or to completely remove the background round part of the button, modify following properties on Office 2007 Color Table:


These properties are Image type which you can set to the custom background image you want to use on button or you can set them to null/nothing to completely remove the round background of the button.

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