This article applies to DotNetBar versions prior to 6.0. If you are using DotNetBar 6.0 or later there is no need for this step.

Visual C++ in VS.NET uses different design-time extensibility model than VB or C#. Because of that DotNetBarManager does not automatically set the build-type to Embedded Resource for the definition file that it created.

You need to manually set the build-type of the definition file so it is properly included in your executable and user interface created with DotNetBarManager appears when you run your project.

To include the definition file which is created by DotNetBarManager as embedded resource into your project you need to follow these steps:

  1. Definition file is usually named like this “form1.DotNetBarManager1.xml” but it depends on form name and instance name. You should find it in same folder as your form file
  2. Right click on the project node in Solution Explorer
  3. Go to “Properties”
  4. Expand the Linker node in the left hand side tree view
  5. Click on the “Input” node
  6. On the right hand side, in the “Embed Managed Resource File” row, enter the name of your embedded resource file along with full path –
    eg:- $(ProjectDir)\XMLDefinitionFileName.xml
  7. Click OK and save your project

This operation needs to be done only first time new definition file is created.