Here is code that shows how to enumerate all items in CrumbBar control and find one by name. You can modify it to search by any other criteria.


private void Form1_Load(System.Object sender, System.EventArgs e)
    CrumbBarItem item = default(CrumbBarItem);
    CrumbBarItem childItem = default(CrumbBarItem);
    item = new CrumbBarItem();
    item.Name = "item1";
    item.Text = "Item 1";
    childItem = new CrumbBarItem();
    childItem.Name = "item2";
    childItem.Text = "Child Item 1";
    childItem = new CrumbBarItem();
    childItem.Name = "item3";
    childItem.Text = "Child Item 2";
    Console.WriteLine(FindCrumbBarItem(CrumbBar1, "item1"));
    Console.WriteLine(FindCrumbBarItem(CrumbBar1, "item2"));
    Console.WriteLine(FindCrumbBarItem(CrumbBar1, "item3"));
private CrumbBarItem FindCrumbBarItem(IList subitems, string name)
    foreach (CrumbBarItem item in subitems)
        if (item.Name == Name)
            return item;
        CrumbBarItem childItem = FindCrumbBarItem(item.SubItems, name);
        if ((childItem != null)) 
            return childItem;
    return null;
private CrumbBarItem FindCrumbBarItem(CrumbBar crumbBar, string name)
    return FindCrumbBarItem(crumbBar.Items, name);


Private Sub Form1_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load
    Dim item As CrumbBarItem
    Dim childItem As CrumbBarItem
    item = New CrumbBarItem()
    item.Name = "item1"
    item.Text = "Item 1"
    childItem = New CrumbBarItem()
    childItem.Name = "item2"
    childItem.Text = "Child Item 1"
    childItem = New CrumbBarItem()
    childItem.Name = "item3"
    childItem.Text = "Child Item 2"
    Console.WriteLine(FindCrumbBarItem(CrumbBar1, "item1"))
    Console.WriteLine(FindCrumbBarItem(CrumbBar1, "item2"))
    Console.WriteLine(FindCrumbBarItem(CrumbBar1, "item3"))
End Sub
Private Function FindCrumbBarItem(ByVal subitems As IList, ByVal name As String) As CrumbBarItem
    For Each item As CrumbBarItem In subitems
        If item.Name = Name Then
            Return item
        End If
        Dim childItem As CrumbBarItem = FindCrumbBarItem(item.SubItems, name)
        If Not childItem Is Nothing Then
            Return childItem
        End If
    Return Nothing
End Function
Private Function FindCrumbBarItem(ByVal crumbBar As CrumbBar, byval name as String) As CrumbBarItem
    Return FindCrumbBarItem(crumbBar.Items, name)
End Function

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