DotNetBar 8.2 includes new component StyleManager to provide you with single place to manage styles and color tinting for all controls that have style set to style manager controlled.

To use StyleManager as central place for style changes you must set Style=StyleManagerControlled property on all your controls.

StyleManager can be added to your main form and you will use ManagerStyle and ManagerColorTint properties to change style for all controls. If you do not have a main form StyleManager has static properties Style and ColorTint that you can use to change style and color tinting.

Advantage of using the StyleManager is that you have only one place to change style for all controls in your application and that applies to any control whether loaded or not that has Style property set to StyleManagerControlled.

Please note that all styles in DotNetBar for WinForms are global application wide styles, meaning that you cannot have multiple styles at the same time, for example you cannot have one form in Office 2007 style and another form in Office 2010 style.