ListViewEx control inherits from Windows Forms ListView control and provides the Office 2007 style scroll bars, column headers and other visual enhancements.

ListView control when used in the owner draw mode (ListView.OwnerDraw=true) has known limitations and issues that in turn impact the functionality of ListViewEx control.

  • When in details mode the ListView control will send extra painting messages while mouse moves over the items which under certain conditions you might experience as flicker.
  • When ListView.HideSelection property is set to false, the ListView will inform the custom painting code that every item is selected when it actually is not. If you plan on using ListViewEx control do not set the HideSelection property.
  • If you are changing the ListView.View property to the value which will display the column headers after the control handle has been created you should call ListViewEx.ResetHeaderHandler() method after setting the View property. This might be necessary even if you change the View property at design time since under various conditions the ListView handle might be created as soon as control is added to its parent and before the View property is set.
  • If you use ListViewEx and you run your project, but do not see the column headers as you did at design-time call ResetHeaderHandler() method from the Form Load event to workaround this issue.