Picture below shows the major parts of the BubbleBar control and related properties.

DotNetBar BubbleBar control parts

Buttons and tabs

Buttons on control are always contained on Tabs. BubbleBar.Tabs property returns the reference to the collection of the tabs associated with the BubbleBar control. Tab are represented as instances of BubbleBarTab object. Changing the tab text or colors is done by setting the properties on this object. Each tab has Buttons property that returns the reference to the collection of BubbleButton objects associated with the given tab. BubbleBar.TabsVisible property can be used to specify whether tabs are visible or not.

Background appearance of the control

Two properties control the background appearance of the control: BackgroundStyle, ButtonBackAreaStyle. Both of them return the reference to ElementStyle object which has properties to control all aspects of background colors etc.
BackgroundStyle applies to the actual background of the control.
ButtonBackAreaStyle applies to the background of the buttons.


BubbleBar control for best appearance needs two sizes of the same image provided for each button. Regardless of the image size assigned to the button the image is always drawn by the sizes specified on the BubbleBar control.

  • ImageSizeNormal property specifies the default size of the images while mouse is not over an image. You should set this property to the size of the image that you will use on your buttons for the best appearance.
  • ImageSizeLarge property specifies the maximum size of the button image when mouse is over the button. You should set this property to the size of the large image you assign to the button for the best appearance.

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