When using RibbonBarMergeContainer to perform MDI Child Ribbon merging the visual position (X position) of the RibbonBar control inside of the RibbonBarMergeContainer will control the actual merge order of the controls when they are added to the MDI Ribbon panel.

For easier management of the RibbonBar controls inside of the RibbonBarMergeContainer we recommend using following procedure:

  1. Set RibbonBar.Dock=Left on the RibbonBar controls added to the RibbonBarMergeContainer
  2. After Dock property has been set you can change the position of individual RibbonBar controls by right-clicking the RibbonBar control and using Send To Back and Bring To Front context menu commands.

If you are merging RibbonBar controls into an existing Ribbon Tab then order in which RibbonBar controls are added to the RibbonTab is controlled by each RibbonBar Z-Order. To change the Z-Order of the controls use following procedure:

  1. Set RibbonBar.Dock=None on the RibbonBar controls added to the RibbonBarMergeContainer
  2. Arrange RibbonBar controls inside RibbonBarMergeContainer visually in the order they should appear when merged.
  3. Open Visual Studio Document Outline using View->Other Windows->Document Outline menu command in Visual Studio.NET
  4. Using drag & drop arrange RibbonBar controls inside of Document Outline tree so they appear in the order desired

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