Flyout component allows you to show Outlook style “peek” panels in your Windows Forms applications:

DotNetBar for WinForms Flyout Component

To start using the control, simply add Flyout component from the toolbox onto your form. Next, prepare the content for the flyout. Content of the flyout can be any control so its best to use a Panel control to which you add all other controls which will represent the content of the flyout. You create content of the flyout directly on your form and then assign this Panel to Content property.

Next, specify the flyout target using TargetControl property, which is the control that will be used to show flyout when for example mouse is over the control, and this control will also be used to position flyout.

To specify when flyout is shown use DisplayMode property which allows you to show flyout when either mouse is over the control, mouse hovers over the control, mouse clicks the control or manual mode. When DisplayMode is set to Manual then you control when flyout is shown by calling Show method to display it.

CloseMode property controls when flyout is automatically closed. You can choose any combination of: ClickOutside, TargetControlHidden, TargetControlLostFocus, ParentFormDeactivate or Manual close mode. When Manual mode is choosen, you use Close() method to close the flyout.

PointerSide property specifies the side pointer, beak, of flyout is displayed at and at the same time that determines whether flyout is displayed above, below, left or right of the TargetControl. For example, setting PointerSide to Top indicates that beak of flyout is displayed on top of it which means that whole flyout will be displayed below TargetControl so beak points to it.

ActivateOnShow property controls whether flyout is activated when shown, by default its not.

BackColor and BorderColor properties allow you to specify custom background and border colors for flyout, otherwise the flyout will use colors according to current DotNetBar style.

DeepIntegration – indicates whether control integrates deeply with known TargetControl. This means that for example when assigned to TabStrip, TabControl, SuperTabControl, TokenEditor or AdvTree flyout will be shown in response to item events, like mouse over the tab or mouse over the token or tree node. Default value is true, to disable this functionality set this property to false.


PrepareContent – occurs before while flyout is prepared to be shown and it allows you to update the Content property based on the flyout target or update the content of the flyout with relevant information.

FlyoutShowing – occurs before flyout is displayed and it allows you to cancel the flyout showing.

FlyoutShown – occurs after flyout is displayed.

FlyoutClosing – occurs before flyout is closed and it allows you to cancel the closing.

FlyoutClosed – occurs after flyout is closed and allows you to perform any necessary operation in response to flyout being closed.