In case of illness or wealth, a prenupe before marriage is the way to go. With a sharp increase in divorce rates, prenups are no longer considered unromantic or insulting ideas. In Australia, 60% of people in Australia are happy to sign the legally binding treaty before I say I am. 63% of divorce lawyers in the United States believe there has been an increase in marriage contracts since 2017. Therefore, in order to consolidate these pros and cons of pre-marital agreements and to make the most of the situation, the rapporteur proposes that the courts gradually move from a rigid and contemptuous view of these agreements to a more open approach to the same. Parties to the marriage should have the freedom to design and enter into their own pre-marital agreements, as long as the provisions of those agreements are consistent with the current laws and principles of retention in India. Thus, an agreement that waives this legal right to a spouse`s support obligations cannot be illegal in itself, but cannot be produced at the expense of the denial of the legal rights in relation to support obligations provided by the creators of our legislation. Such agreements would amount to the ouster of a magistrate and family courts from the jurisdiction of a family court for maintenance claims that are not legally admitted. Therefore, a right to support cannot be withdrawn or considered inadmissible under an agreement to waive the right to support obligations.

A marriage contract is a contract that the parties entered into before the marriage. Prenups are widespread abroad, but they are not welcome in India. If you do not have a marital agreement, the laws of your state determine who owns the property you acquire during your marriage and what happens to that property in the event of divorce or death. (The property acquired during your marriage is called matrimonial or community property, depending on the state. State law may even have a say in what happens with some of the property you owned before your marriage. Although there are no drawbacks to a marriage agreement by law, there remains a social stigma in India and creates a negative impression in people`s minds because they think the couple has already thought that their marriage will not hold.