Most postgraduate schools and doctoral programs require a more detailed monitoring agreement (“coaching agreement”) between the supervisory team and the doctoral student. A coaching agreement is also recommended for individual PhD students. A monitoring agreement documents the rights and obligations of mutually agreed PhD students and guardians. It clarifies expectations on both sides and helps define the supervisory relationship in a transparent manner. Please check with your faculty or licensing institution to see if there is a specific condition for a monitoring agreement. Please note that the apprenticeship agreement is signed by the relevant departmental coordinators of the University of Trier and not by the International Office. Please send us (morgenstuni-trierde) your apprenticeship contract signed by you and your home university well in advance of the deadline for having it resigned (if such a delay exists at your home university). Please do not send your apprenticeship contracts directly to the department coordinators. If you have any questions about the conclusion of your apprenticeship agreement, please contact the Erasmus coordinators at your home university. Identify the courses you will take in the course catalogue (PORTA) without registration: Please note that courses for the winter semester will not be presented until early July. If you must enter into your apprenticeship contract before that date, please note the courses of the last winter semester as a reference. The course offer will be quite similar.

ERASMUS students must complete an apprenticeship contract form for their home university. The apprenticeship agreement is a list of modules (seminars, conferences, etc.) that you would like to visit at Kassel University. UoC is the third German university to cooperate with the World Holocaust Remembrance Center / Cooperation will strengthen teacher training and facilitate the development of educational resources Participation in the programme is conditional on sufficient knowledge of languages in the desired host university`s language of instruction. As ECTS points are not displayed for individual courses in PORTA, you will also find more detailed information on the websites of the departments/themes. If necessary, you can also contact the ECTS coordinators for additional advice. A semester of work is 30 ECTS at the University of Trier, but you can decide for yourself how many courses you will take (if there are no rules from your home university!). During the first few weeks of the course, you have the opportunity to add and/or take courses (by completing the apprenticeship agreement – part 2). DSH – the official German test for university admission In addition, monitoring agreements may include more detailed rights and obligations, ancillary training agreements, a defined plan and timetable for the completion of the doctoral project, as well as rules on working conditions (workplace, internet access, access to laboratories and other resources).