“We tend to make assumptions about everything. The problem with the hypothesis is that we think they are the truth. One could swear that they are real. We make assumptions about what others do or think — we take it personally — and then we blame them and react by sending emotional poison with our word. I realize that it was written a few years ago… and I still have to depart from some of the author`s misunderstandings about wisdom in “The Four Accords.” Note that the beginning of the book on domestication and dreams is an important preface to understanding the power of new chords. This is how all this refers to the four agreements that Ruiz proposes in hindsight. Because we create a gap between ourselves and the world, the universe, and because we create the dichotomy of the judge/victim within ourselves, we live in tension, we feel non-etheistic and dishonest. We make toxic agreements with ourselves and our relationships with others.

The four agreements help us replace these toxic agreements with newer, happier agreements. Hello Dr. Johnson…. Wow, now we can ask who`s quoting who? Perhaps, as they say, there is no time, perhaps he quoted John Miguel Ruiz. Or did I go too far with such a proposal!? The second agreement offers readers the opportunity to manage the hurtful treatments of others that they can experience in life. She argues that it is important to have a strong self-concept and not to have to rely on the opinions of others to be satisfied and satisfied with their self-concept. This agreement also allows readers to understand the idea that each individual has a unique vision of the world that changes his or her own perception and that a person`s actions and beliefs are a projection of his or her personal reality. [1] Ruiz believes that anger, jealousy, envy and even sadness can subside or dissipate as soon as an individual stops taking things in person. [8] When they say they love us madly, we are the most elegant spiritual man they have ever met. Right away. Share your dream, not personally.

Do these four agreements really come from the ancient wisdom of Toltec? I bet many stubborn skeptics would have serious doubts about that. I`m skeptical myself. But I could tell my skeptical colleagues that Ruiz`s next book, The Fifth Agreement, offers the following agreement: “Be skeptical, but learn to listen.” The structure of the four chords is like an oreo: the chords are wedged between spiritual leadership and thought.