ExpandablePanel title bar is a separate PanelEx control inside of the ExpandablePanel which provides the title bar functionality.

To access the title bar control use ExpandablePanel.TitlePanel property. For example to handle the mouse down event on the title bar attached your event handler to the ExpandablePanel.TitlePanel.MouseDownevent.

To change the style (colors, background image, borders etc.) of the title bar use following properties:

  • ExpandablePanel.TitleStyle (default state of title bar)
  • ExpandablePanel.TitleStyleMouseOver (mouse over state of title bar)
  • ExpandablePanel.TitleStyleMouseDown (mouse pressed over title bar state)

To make ExpandablePanel expand/collapse when mouse is clicked anywhere inside of title bar (default behavior expands/collapses the panel only when expand/collapse button is clicked) useExpandablePanel.ExpandOnTitleClick property.