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Your Shortcut To Sophisticated Looking User Interface

It is hard enough to create user interface for your application without having to worry about icons. Today, it isn't enough to have functioning application, your application also must look great.

With our Essential Icon Pack you get 240 16x16 pixels, alpha-blended icons that will improve your user interface no doubt about it! We provide icons in two formats: 16x16 .ICO files and 16x16 PNG-24 files for every icon in the package. Only best 32-bit high-quality color icons are included in this set. Our icons are royalty free, use them in all your applications without worry.

Here 's what you get:

Note that image has lower quality to prevent copying.

So what is so special about your icons?

In short, they are designed with attention to detail. Take a look at the toolbar created with DotNetBar that contains some icons from our set:

Notice how edges of the icons are smoothly blending into the background. Here is enlarged image to illustrate that:

That is effect of good alpha-blending.

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