Silverlight Ribbon Control

DotNetBar for Silverlight includes Office 2010 style Ribbon control with blue, silver, black and custom color scheme blending based on single color. Try DotNetBar live-demo to see this control in action.

DotNetBar Ribbon control is built from ground up for Silverlight platform so you can provide great looking user interface in your applications. Our Ribbon control supports MVVM as well as 100% code based control creation and setup. Included with trial version you will find sample projects for both.

DotNetBar Ribbon Silverlight Control with Office styling

Quick Access Toolbar functionality is built-in:

DotNetBar Ribbon Silverlight Control Quick Access Toolbar

Ribbon includes the Office style popup menus with vertical and mixed horizontal layout like shown in image below:

DotNetBar Ribbon Silverlight Popup Menu

Support for in-line popup galleries is also included so you can create something like this:

DotNetBar Ribbon Silverlight Galleries with popup Gallery support

And Gallery can be expanded to show all items on popup menu including optional menu items:

DotNetBar Ribbon Silverlight Galleries with popup Gallery support and extra menu items

DotNetBar Ribbon also includes full support for Office 2010 style Backstage Application menu. Here is the screen-shot from sample application included with the controls:

DotNetBar Ribbon Silverlight Backstage Application Menu

We also include super-tooltips component that you can use with our Ribbon and with any of your own controls:

DotNetBar Ribbon Silverlight Super Tooltip Component

Included are Office 2010 like Blue, Silver and Black color scheme, but we also added color-scheme creation based on one of the existing themes and single color you specify. We pioneered this in our WinForms and WPF controls and are first to bring it to Silverlight as well. Here is screen-shot of Ribbon with on the fly red theme created:

DotNetBar Ribbon Silverlight With Custom Color Theme Generated On The Fly

Key Features:

  • Office 2010 like look and feel. No compromises.
  • Blue, Black, Silver color schemes with automatic color scheme generation based on single color
  • Familiar Office like controls: buttons, split-buttons, galleries, combo-box etc.
  • Completely automatic ribbon sizing
  • Quick Access Toolbar support
  • Office 2010 Style Backstage Application Menu
  • Super tool-tips
  • Reusable resources so you can reuse our brushes
  • Complete re-style, re-template supported
  • Model/View architecture

Download fully functional trial of DotNetBar for Silverlight now and experience how easy it is to create professional looking applications.

  • $219 per developer or less!
  • 100% royalty-free
  • 12 months of all and any updates
  • E-Mail Support for 12 months
  • Source Code available

  • Fully functional 21-day trial.