The easiest way to create professional Silverlight applications. Hands down.

DotNetBar for Silverlight is toolbox of user interface components designed to help you develop professional Silverlight applications with ease. Please checkout Live-Demo that shows controls included and then download fully functional trial version to try it in your project.

Following components are included:

1Ribbon control with Office 2010 style, Black, Silver and Blue color schemes, custom color scheme blending, super-tooltips, ribbon hyper menus, ribbon tabs, auto ribbon sizing and more...

DotNetBar Ribbon Silverlight Control


2Scheduler/Calendar control. Great looking schedule with multi-user support, powerful recurring appointments engine, Office 2010 styling and 4 views.

DotNetBar Schedule, Calendar Silverlight Control


3Navigation Pane control. Navigation pane control with built-in collapse/expand functionality and Office 2010 like styling.

DotNetBar Outlook style Navigation Pane Silverlight Control


4Clock control. Analog clock control with 2 predefined styles and automatic system time display mode, custom time display mode and drag & drop time edit.

DotNetBar for Silverlight Clock Control


5SuperTooltip component. Office 2010 style Super-Tooltip for Ribbon, Toolbar or any other Silverlight control in your app.

DotNetBar for Silverlight SuperTooltip component


6Toolbar component. Toolbar control with horizontal and vertical layout, split-buttons, popup menus and overflow support.

DotNetBar for Silverlight Toolbar component


We are constantly working on adding more controls based on your requests. Please let us know what you need.

Fully function trial version of DotNetBar for Silverlight is available for download now.


Why Choose DotNetBar for Silverlight Controls?

Native Silverlight Controls

DotNetBar for Silverlight controls are built 100% for the Silverlight platform and they take advantage of the capabilities of latest Silverlight version. We offer professional set of Silverlight controls for developing great looking and lightning-fast professional applications.

Support for Visual Studio 2010

DotNetBar for Silverlight controls provide support for Visual Studio 2010 with built-in designers for all our Silverlight controls, toolbox support, property browsers and WYSIWYG preview for all controls. DotNetBar for Silverlight controls allows you to develop professional Silverlight applications in Visual Studio 2010 with ease.

Super-fast Silverlight controls built for great performance

DotNetBar for Silverlight controls are designed for excellent performance because we use uncluttered themes and templates, leverage the underlining platform and replace it where it is not fast enough.

Professional, Ready-to-Use Office Style Themes

DotNetBar for Silverlight controls includes Office 2010 like styling for all our Silverlight controls with Blue, Black and Silver color schemes. We also include industry first ability to create custom color scheme based on single color you specify.

Command Support

DotNetBar for Silverlight controls fully supports Command pattern and include built-in support for MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel). You can build complex User Interfaces and keep your code simple by having greater separation of concerns between design code and your business layer.

All New Routed Events Framework

Silverlight does not have routed events but we engineered one for DotNetBar for Silverlight controls so your code can be more elegant and concise. Our routed events framework gives you flexibility when you are designing your applications since you can now write instance handlers and/or class handlers for the routed events of our Silverlight controls.


Fully function trial version of DotNetBar for Silverlight is available for download now.

  • $219 per developer or less!
  • 100% royalty-free
  • 12 months of all and any updates
  • E-Mail Support for 12 months
  • Source Code available

  • Fully functional 21-day trial.