Side-Bar Control with Office 2007 style

DotNetBar includes the Outlook style Side-Bar control with number of styles that you can use including the Office 2007 style. Side-Bar control is used to categorize commands under common headings and it allows you to access all commands for certain category in one place.

Office 2007 style Side-Bar Screen-shots

Here are couple of screen-shots of Side-Bar control with Office 2007 style running on Windows Vista:

Side-Bar Control in Office 2007 Blue Style on Windows Vista Side-Bar Control in Office 2007 Silver Style SideBar control in Office 2007 Black Style

Side-Bar control as shown on images above, will display the scroll-buttons if the size of the control does not allow all buttons that are part of the same group to be displayed. You can also choose whether to use large or small images on buttons by simply changing the ItemImageSize property on the SideBarPanelItem control which groups the buttons under the same heading. Automatic drag & drop is also supported so buttons can be reordered or moved to another panel. You can also drag & drop buttons from the Side-Bar and onto another control or accept buttons from outside controls as well. These aspects of the control are demonstrated in OutlookSideBar sample included as part of DotNetBar Suite for Windows Forms.

Default layout for the buttons inside of the side bar panel is vertical layout where buttons are vertically stacked. Another layout included is the multi-column layout that is shown on the image below:

Side-Bar multi-column layout

Flat Side-Bar control style

Side-Bar control includes the flat style as well with 18 predefined color schemes that you can use to better present your application commands. Below are couple of screen-shots of flat style in different color schemes:

SideBar control flat-style with system colors SideBar control flat-style Sunset color scheme Side-Bar control flat-style Brick color scheme

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