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February 13, 2002 announces DotNetBar and HTML Document for Microsoft .NET Platform

DotNetBar offers Microsoft Visual Studio .NET developers the look of Microsoft Office XP and Office 2000 menus and toolbars.

Farmington Hills, Michigan. - February 13, 2002 - announced today DotNetBar, a component for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET developers that provides the look of Microsoft Office XP and Office 2000 menus and toolbars. Developers can add the latest user interface elements in their applications in a matter of minutes, freeing time to work on other parts of the application. DotNetBar is a component built for the Microsoft .NET Framework written in Microsoft C# to take advantage of the Microsoft .NET platform.

With the recent release of Microsoft Office XP developers are eager to incorporate similar functionality in their applications. DotNetBar offers not only the component that provides developers with such functionality, but also the extensible framework that developers can customize and extend to fit their needs.

" DotNetBar provides a valuable solution for developers that want to provide Office XP or Office 2000 user interface elements in their applications," said John Montgomery, group product manager of the Developer and Platform Evangelism Division at Microsoft Corp. "Microsoft is excited to be working with DevComponents to offer customers an easy-to-use and -manage solution to enhance development with the Microsoft .NET Platform."

DevComponents is also releasing HTMLDocument for .NET which is an in-memory tree-like representation of an HTML document that allows developers to programmatically read, manipulate, search and transform an HTML document to an XML document. HTML format as the prevailing format on the Internet is not as easy to programmatically manipulate as XML. The HTMLDocument component provides developers with DOM to programmatically manipulate the HTML and even translate it into XML to use the full power of the XML functionality available within the Microsoft .NET Framework.

"The Microsoft .NET Framework helps us provide advanced reliable frameworks and components to software developers", said Elma Basaric at "DotNetBar and HTMLDocument are easy to use components that will help developers to deliver easier to use and maintain solutions to their customers."

DotNetBar and HTMLDocument are currently available. To get more information about both products and to download trial version please visit is a developer of professional frameworks and components for Microsoft Windows operating system development and the Microsoft .NET Framework. Our award winning components and tools are benefiting large corporations, consultants and ISV's all around the world as a cost effective solution for building great Windows applications. Our mission is to provide innovative frameworks and components that help developers build the best applications that today's competitive market place demands.

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