Advanced Month Calendar Control

Advanced Month Calendar control provides you with the great looking, internationally aware calendar control with extensive customization and rendering options. Default style of the control is Office 2007 for seamless integration with other DotNetBar Windows Forms controls.

Look and feel

Office 2007 style is the default appearance of the control. All of DotNetBar Office 2007 color schemes are supported including the ones you generate based on the single color.

Office 2007 style MonthCalendar control

Control appearance can be customized extensively using designer and without writing a single line of code. You can customize borders, backgrounds, text colors and more. Image below shows customized calendar using the designer only available properties:

MonthCalendar control with customized apperance

Custom rendering is very easy to accomplish with Advanced Month Calendar. Simply handle PaintLabel event and you can provide completely custom look and feel for each day on calendar or you can combine your rendering and ours for that unique look. Each date on calendar can also host the optional image to better distinguish special dates. You can also easily display the popup menu when the image is clicked. Image below illustrates custom rendering, per day image and popup menu support:

MonthCalendar control with custom rendering and popup menu support

Core Functionality

Using ShowWeekNumbers property you can trigger display of week of year directly on calendar. The rule for determining how first week of year is calculated can be changed through WeekOfYearRule property and you can choose First Day which is default, First Full Week or First Four Day Week rules.

MonthCalendar control week of year display

First day of week displayed on the calendar is by default based on the system settings of the machine control is running on. However you can override that by explicitly setting the first day week using the FirstDayOfWeek property.

MonthCalendar first day of week customization

Multi-day selection can be enabled using the MultiSelect property. Using MaxSelectionCount property you can control how many days can be selected. In image below we have disabled the selection of weekend days using WeekendDaysSelectable property. Weekend days text color has also been customized.

MonthCalendar multi-selection options

Month calendar also includes the year/century selector built-in which can be invoked by clicking the year. Note that year/century selector is available only when single month is displayed. Following image animation shows this selector in action:

MonthCalendar control year/century selector

Other features include:

  • Multi-selection support
  • Annual, Monthly and Absolute date markers
  • Selection of week of year rule
  • Per day access to all mouse events
  • Per day custom rendering

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