Wizard Control

Included with DotNetBar Suite is a fully featured Windows Forms (WinForms) Wizard control. Wizards will help you simplify complex operations by breaking them into the simple logical steps. Each steps can be explained and data entered by user validated before proceeding onto the next step.

Design-time experience provided by DotNetBar Wizard control is superb. In design-time wizard will behave like in run-time and you will be able to step through the wizard just as you would at run-time.

Here is screenshot of Welcome wizard page created by DotNetBar Wizard control:

Major Features:
  • Easy to use yet rich in functionality Wizard control
  • Superb Design-time support
  • Multiple execution paths supported
  • Predefined Welcome page is created with single click
  • Interior pages with header and Exterior pages fully supported
  • Design-time margin guides for interior pages
  • Designed to support Wizard 97 Specification
  • Rich event model
  • Automatic handling of wizard flow including stepping back
  • Right-to-left aware for Arabic, Hebrew and other languages requiring RTL support
  • Support for Windows XP visual styles (themes) if you include a manifest in your application or without it in VS.NET 2005
  • Much, much more, you have to try it...