Validation Control

DotNetBar SuperValidator is the component set that helps you implement validation of user input in your WinForms applications without writing any code for most common validation scenarios. Here is screen-shot that shows simple validation performed on the form using SuperValidator and Highlighter controls included with DotNetBar:

SuperValidator, Validation Control in Action

Available Validations

SuperValidator includes following validations that you can use to validate input:

  • Required Field Validator, ensure that value is entered.
  • Regular Expression Validation, validate input based on regular expression you specify or choose of the pre-built regular expressions we provide.
  • Comparison Validation, compare values of two input fields or compare input field value to a predefined value you set.
  • Range Validation, ensure that input value is in certain range.
  • Custom Validation, if none of the built-in validations fit, write your own.
SuperValidator allows you to assign 3 different validations to each input control on the form. For example you can require the input for text-box and enforce the format to be an email.

SuperValidator support 3 validation types (actions that trigger validation):

  • Manual – You perform validation by calling SuperValidator.Validate method.
  • ValidatingEventPerControl – For each control that is being validated the SuperValidator will handle its Validating event and perform validation. If validation fails it will use ErrorProvider and Highlighter that are set to indicate the error as well as cancel the focus move if CancelValidatingOnControl property is set to true (default value).
  • ValidatingEventOnContainer – Validating event will be handled on ContainerControl, by default the parent form, to perform validation. If validation fails all failures will be reported using ErrorProvider and Highlighter, if set. The Cancel event argument in Validating event for container will be set to false as well if validation fails.

You can read detailed instructions on how to use SuperValidator control in our Knowledge Base.

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