Visualize decision trees, create mind maps and more with TreeGX

Included with DotNetBar for Windows Forms, TreeGX helps you reveals the big-picture in your hierarchical data using cascading connections between topics, sub-topics and highlighting the path to selected topic. At a glance connections can be identified, paths discovered and data relationships grasped all in an easy to use format. Be sure to check out screen-shots from applications using TreeGX to get idea on how TreeGX can benefit your app.

TreeGX for Visual Studio.NET helps you present hierarchical data in different and visually engaging way. If you have been limited by visual appearance of standard tree control then TreeGX will spice up your application user interface, no doubt about it! Our customers report that users of their applications are excited and very pleased with fresh presentation of data provided by TreeGX. Don't take our word for it. Take a look at screen-shot below comparing exactly same data presented with standard Tree control and with TreeGX:

TreeGX compared to standard tree control

Zoom feature new in TreeGX 2.0

What else can you do with TreeGX? For example you can present users with simple interface like the one pictured below and help them visualize the application functionality offered by your application.

Include powerful action and thought expression tool by simply dropping TreeGX on your form. You could allow your users to create mind-maps or capture their thoughts right in your application.

You can include mind-mapping functionality in your applications simply and easily. Below is the screenshot of mind-mapping sample shipped with the control:

TreeGX Mind Mapping Sample Screenshot

Screenshot below illustrates image alignment inside the cell, cell layout and built-in color schemes. You can also host any .NET Control in Node like shown below:

TreeGX Control Hosting

You can present hierarchical data in different visually engaging view like the one below that shows parts of TreeGX object map (screenshot below is from actual sample included with control):

TreeGX Class Diagram Sample Screenshot

Major features:

  • High-performance zooming support
  • Text-markup Support
  • Rendering methods exposed so control content can be saved to file or printed
  • ContextMenu property on each node allows easy context menu assignment. DotNetBar menus, ContextStrip menus and standard menus are supported
  • Rich styling features, global styles, per node styling
  • Over 20 predefined styles
  • Flexible, extensible rendering architecture
  • Map and diagram layout types
  • Drag & Drop support built-in
  • Unlimited number of cells per node
  • Each cell can contain text, image and/or check box
  • Cell content can be arranged horizontally or vertically
  • Cells can be stacked i.e. arranged vertically
  • Automatic cell text editing
  • Alpha-blended images supported
  • Rich event model with event source, type, canceling abilities
  • Familiar Object Model, very similar to TreeView
  • Keyboard navigation

To see TreeGX in action please take a look at our movie tutorials. They will also help you with getting up to speed with TreeGX.

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