Toast Notifications

Toast notification is a message that appears on the surface of the specified parent control for a short period of time, but it does not take focus (or pause the current activity), so it cannot accept any user input. Notification are always displayed in context, meaning that they pop up on the surface of the specified Form or Control. Notification only fills the amount of space required for the message and the user's current activity remains visible and interactive. The notification automatically fades in and out after specified time interval. DotNetBar notifications fully support our text-markup.

Here are two examples of simple text notifications:

DotNetBar Toast Notification for WinForms - C# and VB DotNetBar Toast Notification for WinForms - C# and VB, customized background and foreground colors

Here is screen-shot of toast notification in context:

DotNetBar Toast Notification for WinForms simple sign in screen - C# and VB

This is code used to display the notification above:

ToastNotification.Show(this, "Establishing connection...");

DotNetBar toast notifications also will let you display the image next to the text on toast notifications.

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