Tabbed Form User Interface

TabFormControl helps you create browser like tab based user interface. Each new screen is opened on separate tab and each tab optionally can be floated into the separate top-level window and re-docked back into the tab strip. Tab based user interface can be used as effective replacement for MDI based interface.

Following screenshot shows TabFormControl in action:

DotNetBar TabFormControl for creation of tab based user interfaces

Tabbed user interface uses following controls:

  • TabParentForm - is the chromeless form which is top-level control which hosts tabbed UI
  • TabFormControl - the main control which represents form caption, tabs and selected tab content
  • TabFormItem - represents single tab

Tab-strip area of the control can contain tabs as well as any other DotNetBar item like Button, Check-box, etc. You can optionally show the form caption or hide it for more effective space usage. Following screenshot shows the control with caption visible:

DotNetBar TabFormControl for creation of tab based user interfaces

For more details about TabFormControl see following knowledge base article.

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