Switch Button Control

Switch button control is designed to be used anywhere you need to represent the two state setting in your application. For example web server running, auto-save option in your application etc. Here is how control looks like in such an usage case:

DotNetBar Switch Button Control

In screen-shot above we customized OFF state background on middle switch to better express the state control represents. Contrast that with following screen-shot shows the default appearance of control in Office 2010 style:

DotNetBar Switch Button Control Office 2010 style Default Appearance

Control colors can be completely customized per-instance and for all instances by changing Office2007Color table. Here is screen-shot that shows control with customized colors:

DotNetBar Switch Button Control Customized Colors

Notice that all colors are nice looking gradients, but when you customize colors you simply set single color for the state and using that single color we derive great looking gradient. Simple to customize and great looking.

Switch button will also animate the state transition to provide pleasing visual effect:

DotNetBar Switch Button Control State Animation

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