Super Tooltips

One of great additions in Office 2007 are Super Tooltips which provide much more information about controls than standard old style tooltips. DotNetBar includes fully featured Super Tooltips Windows Forms (WinForms) control that you can use in your application without writing single line of code. Below is picture of our SuperTooltip component in action:

Super Tooltip Screenshot

Super Tooltips are defined by header, body text with image and footer with footer image. While default look and feel of Super Tooltip control matches Office 2007 we went further and added 18 color schemes so you can choose right color scheme that best reflects the type of information you are providing to your user. This is one of the colors:

Office 2007 Super Tooltip Control included with DotNetBar

Choosing right color is simply single property setting, which you can pick right in the Super Tooltip designer:

SuperTooltip designer

And you can also utilize body image in your tooltips to better illustrate result of certain commands like below so user do not have to click certain command to find out where it leads to:

SuperTooltip Body inline image support

Partial list of features:
  • Complete Office 2007 like appearance and functionality
  • Provides tooltips for any .NET Control
  • 18 predefined color schemes for tooltips
  • Complete control over visual appearance
  • Super Tooltips are created using handy design-time editor, no code required
  • Extensibility interface to provide tooltips for any kind of object
  • Template tooltip support
Super Tooltips fully support and are developed especially for Visual Studio.NET languages including C# and VB

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Screenshots above use icons from our Professional Icon Pack and Essential Icon Pack.