SideNav Menu Control for Windows Forms

SideNav menu control helps you create so called "hamburger" style menu apps for windows forms. You can also use SideNav control to simply add expandable tabs to your applications.

DotNetBar SideNav, Hamburger Menu Control for Windows Forms, WinForms

SideNav control consist of the tabs positioned vertically on left hand side with optional first button which collapses and expands the tab display. When tab display is collapsed the tabs only show image or symbol. When expanded both image or symbol and text are shown:

DotNetBar SideNav, Hamburger Menu Expand and Collapse Animation, WinForms

Control is touch device friendly due to the large size of each tab and tabs position on screen edge so they are easier to reach using touch.

SideNav control allows end users to resize it by using the resize-handle which is positioned on the right-edge of the control:

DotNetBar SideNav, Hamburger Menu Resize Handle, WinForms

Control also provides an option for end user to collapse the selected content using the button in content header:

DotNetBar SideNav, Hamburger Menu Collapse content, WinForms

Control selected content can also be maximized by end user using maximize button in tab header:

DotNetBar SideNav, Hamburger Menu Maximize/Restore content, WinForms

SideNav control includes support for all color schemes and styles we include with DotNetBar:

DotNetBar SideNav, Hamburger Menu Color Schemes, WinForms

To learn more about SideNav control please read following Knowledge Base article. Also please check-out the SideNav sample project included with DotNetBar and which you can find at My Documents\DotNetBar WinForms Samples folder.

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