Calendar/Scheduling Control

DotNetBar CalendarView control is built from ground up to provide you with great looking and powerful calendar control for all your resource scheduling needs. CalendarView control is built on Model-View architecture where appointments (data) is separated from their presentation. This design approach allows us to share the calendar model across platforms and provide many visual presentations based on it.

Key Features:

  • Multi-User/Resource Support with 12 calendar color schemes
  • Day, Week, Month, Timeline and Year Calendar Views
  • Powerful Recurring Appointments Engine
  • Built-in Reminders
  • Multiple time-zones support
  • iCal format import/export
  • Model/View architecture
  • Office 2010 and 2007 styling with Blue, Silver and Black color schemes

Screen-shot of Day view:

DotNetBar Schedule Control Day View

Screen-shot of Week view:

DotNetBar Schedule Control Week View in Office 2007 Style

Screen-shot of Month view:

DotNetBar Schedule Control Month View

Screen-shot of Timeline with bird-eye view:

DotNetBar Schedule Control Timeline with bird-eye view

Screen-shot of Year view:

DotNetBar Scheduler Control Year view

Multi-Resource Day view:

DotNetBar Schedule Control Multi-Resource Day View

Multi-Resource Week view:

DotNetBar Schedule Control Multi-User Week View

Multi-Resource Month view:

DotNetBar Schedule Control Multi-Resource Month View

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