Rating Control

5 Star Rating control allows you to provide easy content rating to your users. Control has built-in label with the text-markup support and two modes of displaying data. Following screen-shot shows built-in label support with text-markup:

Rating Control with built-in label

You can use control to display both average rating and user set rating. When user rating is not set the average rating is displayed. Following screen-shot shows control displaying average rating set through AverageRating property:

Rating Control displaying an average rating

When user moves the mouse over the control the user rating can be set as shown below:

Rating Control setting rating

Finally, if rating is set explicitly through Rating property control displays it using distinct display mode:

Rating Control setting rating

Using IsEditable property you can control whether user can change the rating. You can set custom images to be used instead of built-in rating stars through CustomImages property. Text label can be hidden if desired using TextVisible property.


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