Radial Menu Control

Radial Menu control included with DotNetBar for Windows Forms is designed for fast command selection using minimum movement. Whether you use Touch or Mouse based device Radial Menu control will provide visually pleasing and fast access to commands. Menu items are arranged around the initial touch point which opens up the menu thus making the selection quick due to minimum movement of finger or mouse required to select a menu item. Following screen-shot shows Radial Menu control in Segment menu type:

DotNetBar Radial Menu control, Segment menu type

Following short video shows fluid and attractive animation in our Radial Menu control:

Radial Menu control provides two different menu types: Segment and Circular. Segment menu type allows usage of sub-menus and menu text while Circular menu type does not allow usage of sub-menus or menu text and will only show either symbol or image. Following image shows the Circular menu type:

DotNetBar Radial Menu control, Circular menu type

And here is short video of circular menu type in action:

Radial Menu items also include full support for over 200 symbols included with DotNetBar by simply setting Symbol property using our built-in symbol selector in VS.NET.

Radial Menu is fantastic control that you've got to try. Please download DotNetBar trial and check out the sample project which shows most of major Radial Menu functionality.

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