Double Value Input Control

Double value input control has been designed for easy entry and data binding of decimal value types. Control has out of box international support and it will use the settings of the system its running on for number of decimal places setting, decimal place separator character etc. Control automatically right-aligns input value, but as many other aspects of the control this can be customized.

Numeric Double Type Input Control

Control has built in null value support so you can safely bind it to the database fields that allow null values. You can also bind it to almost any other type and use its custom value parsing services to convert the bound value to the double value control expects. Built-in button to reset control value to null can optionally displayed to clear content of the control.

Numeric Double Type Input Control with Clear Button

Display format for the numeric value can be formatted using extensive formatting options. Named numeric formats like the one for currency, or completely custom ones can be assigned using DisplayFormat property.

Numeric Input Control with Custom Formatting

Other features include:

  • Free-Text entry support and events for you to custom parse anything entered
  • Customizable Increment Value
  • Lock/Unlock control input using check box as part of the control
  • Two custom buttons and one drop down button as part of the control
  • Drop down any Windows Forms control using DropDownControl property

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