Navigation Pane Control

Provide familiar access to your application features with Office 2007 and Office 2003 like Navigation Pane control. Take a look below for pictures from NavigationPane sample that we ship with DotNetBar Suite.
Default expanded state Collapsed state Panel popup

Major Features:
  • Office 2007 like Navigation Pane functionality
  • Office 2003 like Navigation Pane functionality
  • Easy to use with great design-time support
  • Control can be expanded or collapsed just like in Office 12 to save space
  • When collapsed selected pane can be open as popup
  • Localization is fully supported
  • Accessibility enabled
  • Fully automatic intelligent color scheme management
  • Rich event model
  • Automatic image size management
  • Built-in Overflow support
  • Fully customizable expand/collapse title bar button
  • Expand and collapse animation for smooth transition between states
  • Selected popup panel animation
  • Integrates seamlessly with other DotNetBar Suite controls