Layout Control for Windows Forms

LayoutControl included with DotNetBar for WinForms helps you create resolution and DPI independent user interface data entry forms. Its built-in layout logic will re-flow its content to fit available bounds and size constraints.

This is screen-shot of sample application created using Layout Control. All controls added to it use relative size and have minimum size constraint set:

DotNetBar Layout Control for Windows Forms, WinForms

After size of the form has changed the layout control automatically re-flows the content and shows scroll-bars:

DotNetBar Layout Control content re-flow for Windows Forms, WinForms

LayoutControl allows for fixed and relative sizing of controls added to it and you can create both flow and table like layouts easily. In simple terms to understand the essence of layout this control provides imagine that LayoutControl will place items it contains from left to right and switch to new line as container boundaries are reached.

Each item added to LayoutControl will have its own textual caption with text-markup support so when you add controls to LayoutControl you do not have to create labels for them. Additionally, by default all items will automatically share the largest label width so they line up visually inside of the control for clean layout presentation.

Partial list of DotNetBar Layout Control features:

  • Grouping support
  • Fixed and relative size of items
  • Specification of minimum size of items
  • Built-in labels with shared label size for clean UI look
  • Support for adding images to the labels as well as text-markup support
  • Built-in symbol library for items with over 380 symbols
  • Touch scrolling support

To learn more about LayoutControl please read following Knowledge Base article.

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