Highlighter Component

Highlighter component allows you to visually highlight any control on the form using distinctive border style. You can use it with our SuperValidator component to highlight validation errors on the form. You can use it to highlight currently focused text-box. Or simply to draw user attention to control on the form.

When you add Highlighter component to your form, each control receives following properties:

  • HighlightColor – Specifies the color to highlight the control with.
  • HighlightOnFocus – Specifies whether control is automatically highlighted when it receives input focus.
This is how control would appear at run-time with HighlightColor property set:

Highligher component marking the control on the form

Highlighting Focused Control

Highlighter component provides you with functionality to highlight control with the input focus automatically. All you have to do is set HighlightOnFocus property on each control on the form that you want to highlight. Here is how the control would highlight each input box as it receives focus when HighlightOnFocus property is set to true:

Highlighter component highlights textbox with input focus

You can read detailed instructions on how to use Highlighter control in our Knowledge Base.

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