ExpandableSplitter Control

Expandable Splitter Control

Management of screen real-estate in today's busy applications is very important. Simple way to help with that is the usage of splitter control combined with the ability to expand/collapse attached control completely and that way free up significant amounts of screen real estate.

Simply drop the control on the form and assign the control that you want to be able to collapse to the ExpandableControl property and our splitter will take care of the rest. You can choose to expand/collapse control as result of Click or DoubleClick event. From code you can use Expanded property to do that as well, the choice is up to you. Expanding and collapsing will be animated for a nice smooth transition between states and you have complete control over the animation duration and whether it takes place at all.

The meticulous care was taken while designing the animation algorithm to account for the slower systems and slower graphics cards and yet provide as smooth animation as possible. For example the algorithm benchmarks each animation steps and adjusts the animation transitions based on the total animation time alloted and total elapsed time.

There are two visual styles included, Office 2003 and Mozilla style. You can fully customize them to suit your needs.