ComboTree Control

ComboTree control is a ComboBox control with drop-down Tree instead of a list. It includes multi-column support, data-binding, automatic data grouping and more.

ComboTree control provides multiple usage scenarios so you can get most out of its functionality without writing much code. First usage scenario involves creating tree nodes using designer or code through ComboTree.Nodes collection. Following screen-shot from our EditorsDateNumericCalendar sample demonstrates this:

ComboTree control with nodes created using designer


ComboTree fully supports data-binding through DataSource, DisplayMembers and ValueMember properties. You can use data-binding to create ComboBox with multi-column drop-down list. Simply set DisplayMembers property to comma separated list of field names you want displayed. Following screen-shot demonstrates this functionality:

ComboTree control multi-column data-binding

Automatic Grouping

ComboTree support completely automatic grouping when data-binding is used. You simply set GroupMembers property to comma separated list of field names you want to group data by, and all work is done completely automatically without single line of code written. Following screen-shot provides a sample of that functionality that is 100% setup using VS.NET designer:

ComboTree control multi-column, automatic grouping of bound data

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