Office 2007 style Color Picker

Color Picker item type included with DotNetBar suite provides you with the fully featured Office 2007 style color picker control that you can add to your Ribbons, Toolbars, Menus, Explorer Bars etc. The Color Picker also includes the Custom color dialog which allows user to choose from extended set of colors represented in hexagon form or mix their own.

Using Color Picker is as simple as just adding it to the ribbon or toolbar and handling SelectedColorChanged event. It is really that simple...

Here is screenshot of Color Picker item you can find in RibbonPad sample:

Major Features:
  • Out of box styles include Office 2007 style
  • No code needed to add color picker to your ribbons, menus or toolbars
  • Localization fully supported for both control and dialog
  • Custom colors can be added easily to color drop-down