ButtonX Control

ButtonX is the stand-alone button control included as part of DotNetBar Suite. ButtonX has all the features you would expect from button control and many more like built-in support for drop-down menus, text-markup support so you can easily decorate the text displayed on the button, complete control over the styling, shortcut support, access key support and more...

Design-time experience provided by ButtonX control is superb. In design-time you can create drop-down menus using context-menu or apply different style by changing the single property.

Here is screenshot of ButtonX in action:

Button Control with Built-in popup menu

Major Features:
  • Out of box styles include Office 2007, Office 2003, VS.NET 2005, Office XP and more
  • DevComponents Mini-markup language for text decoration
  • Built-in drop-down menus
  • Multiple color schemes provided
  • Custom styling enabled. Easy to follow sample provided.
  • Shortcut keys support
  • Accelerator keys support
  • Support for Windows XP visual styles (themes)
  • Much, much more, you have to try it...