CrumbBar Horizontal Tree Control

DotNetBar for Windows Forms also includes bread-crumb style horizontal tree control CrumbBar™ in native Windows Vista style as well as Office 2007 style with Blue, Black and Silver color schemes.

Bread-crumb style navigation is very well suited for hierarchical navigation user interfaces especially where available screen real-estate is limited. CrumbBar™ consumes less space than traditional tree control by not showing all elements in tree structure. Rather it shows current selection place in hierarchy and it allows one-click navigation to first-level children or any parent item.

Here is screen-shot of CrumbBar™ control in action as shown in sample application included with DotNetBar:

Bread-crumb style horizontal tree control

To select child node user can show the popup menu with list of children nodes for selected item as shown in image below:

Bread-crumb style horizontal tree control child item selection

Selecting parent node or different child node of any parent in the tree is accomplished in the same manner as illustrated in image below:

Bread-crumb style horizontal tree control child item selection

In case where selected node is deep inside of tree hierarchy and all parent nodes cannot be displayed inside of the control due to the size constraints CrumbBar™ provides the "overflow" popup which allows easy access to all parent nodes. This functionality is shown in image below:

Bread-crumb style horizontal tree control overflow node selection

To edit CrumbBar™ control items/nodes in Visual Studio.NET we provide an easy to use design-time designer as shown in image below:

Visual Studio.NET designer for CrumbBar control

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