DotNetBar readers choice award
DotNetBar is winner of Visual Studio Magazine Readers’ Choice Award as the Best User Interface Component for Windows Forms among more than 30 UI components. Thank you for voting and choosing DotNetBar.

Gallery of Excellent Applications using DotNetBar

DotNetBar Suite helps you create beautiful and functional applications without writing much code. To help you better visualize what you could do if you were using DotNetBar we created this application gallery.

Here are just few of great looking and functional applications that are using DotNetBar. Feel free to visit respective application web site and download the trial versions. Click on each image to see larger version.


Furniture Studio

Furniture Studio is a 3D design software for custom furniture manufacture. It is designed for all joiners – entrepreneurs, small and medium joinery firms. It is designed as a structural software for custom furniture design. It focuses on the needs of joiners, so that it facilitates the work in the design of customer project in the final consequence it saves production costs and time.

Visit for more information and free download.


Word Cleaner

Word Cleaner is a windows application that lets you bulk convert Word to HTML and clean up the code. When designing version 7 we decided to radically reinvent the program to make it easier to use. We took inspiration from mobile apps and web apps to dramatically simplify the UI. We used the DotNetBar metro components to give the main UI a clean flat look. We love the new radial menu feature in DotNetBar and we used this to give users quick access to key features. The result is an application that is less intimating for new users but still provides all the features and power that they need.

Visit for more information and free download.


Active Takeoff

Active Takeoff is a simple, yet powerful estimating & takeoff software for the construction industry.

Visit for more information and free download.



8StartButton bring back what others removed: a Windows 8 start button + start menu. A fantastic utility that uses DotNetBar.

Visit for more information and free download.


CALtacho Data Management

CALtacho provides validation, safety and archiving of your important digital data for terminal control devices and driver maps.

Visit for more information.


Gmail Notifier Pro for Windows

Gmail Notifier Pro is a Windows application capable of checking multiple Google Gmail accounts for new mail and display notifications. Google Calendar, Google Reader, Google News, Google Docs, Google+ and RSS/Atom feeds are also supported. In addition to the Google services, Gmail Notifier Pro provides notifications for any IMAP or POP mail account, including Microsoft Live Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail.

For free trial download, purchase and further information, visit


Help Generator

Use the Help Generator help authoring software to create reliable help systems fast and easily.

For free trial download, purchase and further information, visit



Constructivity makes building construction more productive by bringing together the entire building lifecycle in a unified environment. Features architectural design, structural analysis, mechanical/electrical/plumbing system design, cost estimating, resource scheduling, facilities management, building automation, 4D animation, revision control, realtime collaboration, and much more. All information is intelligently linked such that requirements drive system design, systems drive building design, building elements drive task scheduling, tasks drive resource usage, etc. where all information can be rolled up to figure out who did what, when, where, why, and how. Based on Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) with integration for Microsoft Project, BPMN, OPC, BACnet, and dozens of other formats.

For free trial download, purchase and further information, visit


Web Architect 9

mirabyte Web Architect 9 is the universal Web development tool for creating professional and modern Web sites! The application supports all relevant Web standards and technologies such as (X)HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and many more. mirabyte Web Architect combines a very powerful source code editor with a flexible Desktop content management system (CMS) to one of the most powerful tools for building web sites, home pages and Web applications.

For free trial download, purchase and further information, visit


Conference Architect

Keep your events, conventions, meetings, or workshops on track by keeping attendee lists, class attendance, and payments and balances organized with Conference Architect. Conference Architect makes it simple to keep track of attendance by providing for easy registration, easy scheduling of those registrants in multiple events, and detailed tracking of payments for fees and refunds.

For free trial download, purchase and further information, visit


Fenix Software - GDW 2010

Fenix Software - GDW 2010 is software specially created for Dutch debt collectors and it includes search engines integration, online map software integration and much more.

For free trial download, purchase and further information, visit Fenix Software.



eProc for Microsoft Windows provides physical memory optimization to processes while improving server performance and capacity, reducing the need of resources and maintaining maximum efficiency of physical memory usage at all times.

For free trial download, purchase and further information, visit eProc Solutions.

Bug Shooting

Bug Shooting is a simple but powerful screen capture software designed to make sharing screenshots with bug tracking or issue management applications a cinch. With Bug Shooting you can also share your screenshots via email or Skype or other applications in just view clicks.

For free trial download, purchase and further information, visit

Salon Advance

Salon Advance is the salon management software system. Book & track appointments, see sales figures, managed stock levels and have up to date detailed records of your customers and their purchase history.

For free trial download, purchase and further information, visit

ActiveMotionLabs IgnitionDesk

ActiveMotionLabs IgnitionDesk is an enterprise help-desk solution which integrates with Microsoft Active Directory, Exchange, LDAP, LANDesk Management Suite, in-house applications and more. IgnitionDesk allows support staff to quickly receive and resolve support requests by combining tools into one application and providing automation for common tasks.

For free trial download, purchase and further information, visit

OmidSoft Email Director

Email Director is an email application to help you stay in touch with your target audience. Email Director allows you to communicate with your clients and customers in a more convenient way and send personalized email and SMS messages to your customers, subscribers and friends. Email Director will save hours of your valuable time, which can then be used for everything you need to do in your online marketing business.

For free trial download, purchase and further information, visit

MasterSoft WinCo

WinCo is the warehouse management application.

For free trial download, purchase and further information, visit

Batch Image Processor

Batch Image Processor is tool to view, resize, watermark, convert, rename, batch-process and make web gallery of images in just few clicks. It includes 90+ actions, support for 25 image formats, Windows integration and more...

For free trial download, purchase and further information, visit


bCisive™ is Austhink Software's tool for making workplace decisions more easily. Using decision mapping, it helps you save time and effort, collaborate more effectively, be more confident about your decisions and get more consensus around them. It also helps improve institutional memory by creating a record of the reasoning behind decisions reached.
Using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, bCisive users build diagrams of their decision process, including options considered, arguments for and against, and supporting evidence. bCisive decision maps and their linked supporting documents can be shared and viewed using a free bMap Bundle Viewer. bMaps can also be exported as images for use in other applications such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.

For a tour, free trial download, purchase and further resources on bCisive and decision mapping, visit

Motion Technologies

Motion Technologies provides four free applications for easier information retrieval: Job Finder, CraigsList Reader, Backpage Reader and KiJiJi Reader.

For a free download visit

ERP² (Pronounced ERP-Squared)

ERP² provides a simple three step process for uploading data into SAP from Excel or Access. Simple enough for the end-user but powerful enough to deal with complex transactions, ERP² offers a cost effective solution to immediate and scheduled data uploads without the need for programming or costly IT resources.

Visit for more information.

Diplodock Biorhythms Plus! 2008

Biorhythms Plus! 2008 is a new, revolutionary biorhythms, astrology, numerology program! Experience the power of biorhythms in a way you never did before, let biorhythms improve your life today!

Visit for more information and fully functional trial of Biorhythms Plus! 2008.


RattleSoft Atrox Management Studio

The Atrox Suite gives software publishers and developers an easy way to generate license keys, manage sales, track customer information, monitor product activations, receive product bugs from Atrox Server sent by customers, and allows multiple user access as well as a web-based version. Atrox Management Studio uses Office 2007 User Interfaces to create a sleek and clean look without tiring the eyes. DevComponent's DotNetBar is used in almost every UI area in Atrox Suite and with it's easy to use setup, we've had more time to research new features than tinkering with our UI.



RikPVR makes it simple to record digital TV using a capture card. Simple wizards guide the user from start to finish in setting up their card, then it's just a simple click to schedule a recording. RikPVR allows simultaneous recordings using multiple cards and a variety of capture formats.

Visit RikPVR for more information.



Smartlaunch® 4.1 is a professional software package designed to deliver a complete management solution for gaming centers and internet cafés. Smartlaunch® 4.1 introduces a wide range of features including computer booking, license management, financial and statistical reports, integrated POS system and advanced security. All together Smartlaunch 4.1 reduces the costs of technicians and software licenses, enhances the customer handling and provide the cafes with essential information on how to optimize their business.

Visit for more information.


neuFund Manager Suite

Stock Fund Enterprise Software, including advanced charting, flexible tri-ticker, event-driven symbol trading, supporting multiple currencies, exchanges, symbol types and featuring a new neuFund Reporting Portal. Written specifically for Hedge Fund management, but can manage multiple Funds/Bonds/FOREX/Stocks/Options in a single environment.

Visit for more information.


Nagarsoft Direct Access

Direct Access speeds up your personal computing experience by reducing time consuming, repetitive tasks through the use of abbreviations. Type an abbreviation in any application and Direct Access will detect it and perform the task you desire.

Visit for more information and fully functional trial of Direct Access.


IT-Workplace Intelligencia Olap Controls

Intelligencia Olap Controls from iT-Workplace adds state-of-the-art Olap query capability to your application. Designed to integrate with Microsoft Office 2007 as part of a Word add-in iT-Workplace has decided to make its Mdx query builder available to a wider audience as a developer component. “Visual fidelity and ease of use was an extremely important factor in design of Intelligencia Olap Controls – The use of DotNetBar has played a significant part in the achievement of our goals allowing us to deliver an Office 2007 compatible user experience whilst concentrating development time on our own application functionality"

Visit for more information.



Inference is a Solution Platform, for technical and business professionals who need to quickly create and implement low-cost and easy-to-use solutions for vertical markets, that facilitates mass scripting customization via dynamic templates and hosted scripting platforms within the familiar Microsoft Office environment.

Visit Inference for more information and two-minute overview screencast.


SQL Clarity

SQL Clarity is an innovative SQL Server management software system developed and designed by experienced database professionals. This product is unrivaled in the industry because of its ease of use and concise graphical displays.

Visit The SQL Group, LLC for more information and free download.


Realmware Visual3D.NET™

Realmware Visual3D.NET™ is the first shader-based 3D engine and design toolset built on Microsoft .NET and XNA designed to simplify rapid creation of: Next-generation PC and Xbox 360 games, Massive-multiplayer online games (MMOs), Interactive visualizations, Training simulations and other 3D virtual worlds

Visit for more information.


SpaceClaim Professional

SpaceClaim Professional 2007 provides robust 3D modeling capabilities for the creation and modification of mechanical parts and assemblies. Product also includes associative drawing environment, 3D markup capabilities for clear communication of design changes, and industry-standard data exchange formats: IGES, STEP, VDA, DWG, and DXF.

Visit for more information.


FloSpace FloPrompter

FloSpace FloPrompter is the most powerful, innovative, and affordable teleprompter solution. FloPrompter lets you write your own text and then show it in a scrolling text window -- the teleprompter!

Visit for more information.


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RightCourse ™

RightCourse™ is a powerful eLearning development tool that allows users to create media rich interactive learning content for web-based learning. RightCourse™ allows anyone to take the knowledge they have and convert it to a web-based format that will spread the word easily and effectively.

Visit Right Reason Technologies for more information and to download a fully functional 30-day trial.


PowerShell Plus

PowerShell+ is a true PowerShell console embedded in a rich and intuitive user interface. PowerShell+ is free for non-commercial use.

Visit Shell Tools for more information and free download.


ascertia PDF Sign & Seal

PDF Sign & Seal is a standalone desktop application that makes it easy to use digital signatures, time-stamps and strong encryption on business documents. It has been carefully designed for busy managers that have ease of use as a priority. Using PDF Sign & Seal anyone can easily create, sign or protect a business document.

Visit ascertia for more information and free download.


Discstarter is the leading solution for HTML-based autorun CD-ROM menus and front-ends. Many major companies from around the world use Discstarter to successfully implement auto-start menus and front ends for software CD-ROMs, E-Learning publications, electronic catalogues, manuals, digital business cards, company/product presentations or for cover-mount CD-ROM menus of magazines. Additionally Discstarter can also be used as a highly customizable browser application for kiosk terminals (e.g. in hotel lobbies or on trade fairs).

For free trial download, purchase and further information, visit