Advanced Tab Control

SuperTabControl includes 6 visual styles to make your forms shine. Following visual styles are included:

  • Office 2010 Backstage style
  • Office 2007 style
  • OneNote 2007 style
  • Windows Media Player 12 tab style
  • Visual Studio 2008 dock tab style
  • Visual Studio 2008 document tab style

  • SuperTabControl Office 2007 style
  • SuperTabControl Office2010 Backstage blue style
  • SuperTabControl Visual Studio 2008 Dock Style
  • SuperTabControl Windows Media Player 12 style
  • SuperTabControl OneNote 2007 style
  • SuperTabControl Visual Studio 2008 Document style

In addition to 6 visual styles, we provide 16 pre-defined tab colors which can be assigned to each tab. Here is screen-shot that shows each tab having different tab color schemes:

SuperTabControl with 16 distinct per-tab color schemes

SuperTabControl support all 4 tab orientations so tabs can be placed on any side of the tab control. Tab text can be oriented horizontally or vertically when tabs are left or right aligned. Color schemes are designed so they look great no matter which tab orientation you choose.

On each tab you can display close button that allows closing of the tab. We provide events that you can handle when user clicks the button and you can assign custom images for close button as well. Here is screen-shot that shows default close button implementation:

Super Tab Control with close button on tabs


SuperTabControl allows you to add any of DotNetBar light-weight user interface elements (derived from BaseItem) directly to the tab area. You can mix tabs and buttons, add check-boxes etc. Screen-shot below shows check-box and button with popup menu added to the tab strip:

SuperTabControl with button, menu and check box controls in tab-strip area

You can also define your own tab shape as shown in sample application included with DotNetBar. Here is screen-shot that illustrates that:

SuperTabControl custom tab shape

Here are just some of the SuperTabControl features:

  • 6 tab control styles
  • 16 per-tab color schemes
  • DotNetBar light-weight UI controls can be added to tab-strip
  • Text-markup can be used on tabs
  • Top, bottom, left or right tab alignment
  • Horizontal or vertical text choice for left and right tab alignment
  • Close button on tabs or in tab control system box
  • User defined tab shapes

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