Advanced WPF Data-Grid Control

Data-Grid control provides you with easy data presentation control including built-in editors and Office like styling. Following screen-shot shows AdvGrid control in action:

Advanced WPF DataGrid Control

AdvGrid includes following major features:

  • Built-in editors with complete editing framework so you can create custom editors
  • Built-in data virtualization
  • Row pinning to either top or bottom of viewport
  • Column pinning to left or right of viewport
  • Sorting by multiple columns
  • Office 2010 like styling
  • Column definition properties can be data bound to elements in the visual tree and to the data context of the grid
  • Extended selection functionality and ability to select an entire column or range of columns

Built-in editors allow easy data editing and you can also create your own editors:

Advanced WPF DataGrid Control Column Selection

Following editors are included:

  • Default text editor
  • Boolean editor configurable to appear as either check-box or drop-down
  • Numeric editor with spinner for all numeric data types
  • An editor for enumerated data types
  • Date picker editor
  • Time picker editor
  • Complex data-type editor using our new DataForm control

There is also ability to select visible columns using the right-click context menu:

Advanced WPF DataGrid Control Column Selection

Data Virtualization

AdvGrid control includes support for data-virtualization. That means that data items are retrieved only when needed and are freed when not in use by the grid. Data virtualization is enabled by setting the grid's ItemsSource property to an instance of VirtualizingCollection. When asynchronous data loading is enabled, the call to fetch the data items is made on background thread which is then synchronized with main UI thread once request is complete.

The actual data is provided by you via class which implements IProvideItems interface and which is passed into the virtualizing collection. Data is then requested one page at a time, based on configurable page size. Following is screen-shot from AdvGrid sample project simulating data set with one million rows:

Advanced WPF DataGrid Control Data-Virtualization for 1 million rows


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