To localize NavigationPane or NavigationBar you need to handle the LocalizeString event on NavigationBar. First you need to wire the LocalizeString event in form load event and then add event handler code (sample is for NavigationPane):


// Wire the LocalizeString event
navigationPane1.NavigationBar.LocalizeString += new DotNetBarManager.LocalizeStringEventHandler(this.NavigationPaneLocalize);
navigationPane1.ConfigureItemVisible = true;
// Add localize event handler
private void NavigationPaneLocalize(object sender, LocalizeEventArgs e)
        case LocalizationKeys.NavBarShowMoreButtons:
            e.LocalizedValue="My Show More Buttons Text";
        case LocalizationKeys.NavBarShowFewerButtons:
            e.LocalizedValue="My Show Fewer Buttons Text";
        case LocalizationKeys.NavBarOptions:
            e.LocalizedValue="My Pane Options Text";
    // Indicates that e.LocalizedValue should be used instead of default one


<pre id="code-result">' Wire the LocalizeString event

navigationPane1.ConfigureItemVisible = False
navigationPane1.NavigationBar.LocalizeString += New DotNetBarManager.LocalizeStringEventHandler(Me.NavigationPaneLocalize)
navigationPane1.ConfigureItemVisible = True
Private Sub NavigationPaneLocalize(sender As Object, e As LocalizeEventArgs)
    Select Case e.Key
        Case LocalizationKeys.NavBarShowMoreButtons
	     e.LocalizedValue = "My Show More Buttons Text"
	Exit Select
	Case LocalizationKeys.NavBarShowFewerButtons
	    e.LocalizedValue = "My Show Fewer Buttons Text"
        Exit Select
	Case LocalizationKeys.NavBarOptions
	    e.LocalizedValue = "My Pane Options Text"
	Exit Select
    End Select
    ' Indicates that e.LocalizedValue should be used instead of default one

    e.Handled = True
End Sub

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