Following code shows how to hide system buttons that are shown by Ribbon Control:


ArrayList items = ribbonControl1.RibbonStrip.GetItems("", typeof(SystemCaptionItem));
foreach (SystemCaptionItem sci in items)
    if (!sci.IsSystemIcon)
        sci.Visible = false;


Dim sysItems As ArrayList = ribbonControl1.RibbonStrip.GetItems("", GetType(SystemCaptionItem))
Dim item As SystemCaptionItem
For Each item In sysItems
   If Not item.IsSystemIcon Then
      item.Visible = False
   End If

Here are the names for other internal parts of the control starting from top-left side of the Ribbon:

  • Window Icon: sys_caption_icon
  • Window Icon Separator: sys_caption_separator

You would hide these items like so:


BaseItem icon = ribbonControl1.RibbonStrip.GetItem("sys_caption_icon");
if (icon != null) icon.Visible = false;
BaseItem iconSeparator = ribbonControl1.RibbonStrip.GetItem("sys_caption_separator");
if (iconSeparator != null) iconSeparator.Visible = false;


Dim icon As BaseItem = ribbonControl1.RibbonStrip.GetItem("sys_caption_icon")
If icon IsNot Nothing Then
	icon.Visible = False
End If
Dim iconSeparator As BaseItem = ribbonControl1.RibbonStrip.GetItem("sys_caption_separator")
If iconSeparator IsNot Nothing Then
	iconSeparator.Visible = False
End If

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