Side-bar control included with DotNetBar uses the same programming interface as other DotNetBar objects. To get started using the Side-bar control from design-time:

  1. To add SideBar Control to Visual Studio.NET toolbox right click the toolbox and choose Customize Toolbox
  2. Select .NET Framework Components tab
  3. Find SideBar in DevComponents.DotNetBar Namespace and make sure it is checked. Click OK button to close dialog.
  4. Place SideBar control from Visual Studio.NET toolbox on the form
  5. If you are planning to use ImageList to manage the images for SideBar then add ImageList to the form and set the SideBar images property to point to it
  6. Select the SideBar control and find Panels property in Visual Studio.NET properties box
  7. Add new SideBarPanelItem using the collection editor that you can open by clicking the edit (…) button inside the Panels property
  8. After panel is created assign the text to and select SubItems property
  9. Edit SubItems property and add new ButtonItem object to it using the same procedure as in step 4
  10. Assign the Image to each button on the panel by using the Image property or ImageIndex if you are going to use the ImageList to manage images.