Ribbon control is the root control used to create the Office 2007 style Ribbon User Interface. It contains all Ribbon UI elements: application menu, tabs, content of the tabs and Quick Access Toolbar (QAT). Image below shows key Ribbon control properties:

Following is the list of key properties, methods and related events provided by Ribbon control:

ApplicationMenu property specifies the Ribbon Application Menu.

AutoExpand property specifies whether Ribbon is automatically collapsed (only tabs visible) when ribbon tab is double clicked. Default value is true. Also see: IsMinimized, IsRibbonMenuOpen.

AutoHideRibbonContent property specifies whether ribbon content is hidden when application window is resized below the size specified by AutoHideTriggerSize property.

AutoHideTriggerSize property specifies the trigger size at which ribbon control will hide its content to provide more space to display the main window content.

CanChangeQatPlacement property indicated whether ribbon placement (below or above the ribbon) can be changed by end-user. Default value is true. Also see: IsQuickAccessToolbarBelow.

CanDialogCustomizeQat property indicates whether QAT can be customized through the Quick Access Toolbar Customization Dialog. Default value is true.

ContextGroups collection specifies the defined contextual ribbon groups.

GetIsCustomizable, SetIsCustomizable static methods allow you to specify whether an UI element can be added to the QAT when used inside of ribbon control. In XAML they are used as Ribbon.IsCustomizable attached property.

GetKeyTip, SetKeyTip static methods allow you to specify the KeyTip, keyboard access characters for an UI element that is part of ribbon control. In XAML they are used as Ribbon.KeyTip attached property.

IsMinimized property allows you to toggle ribbon collapsed/minimized state. When ribbon is minimized only ribbon tabs are visible and tab content is displayed on popup menu.

IsQuickAccessToolbarBelow Allows you to get or change the placement of QAT.

IsRibbonMenuOpen – Gets or sets whether ribbon menu showing the tab content is open. Applies only when ribbon is in minimized state. Also see IsMinimized

Items – Returns collection of Ribbon Tabs and other controls that appear on the same line with the ribbon tabs.

QuickAccessToolbar – Specifies the an instance of Qat control assigned to the Ribbon to represent the Quick Access Toolbar.

SystemText – Returns reference to RibbonLocalization object that holds system strings used by Ribbon and allows you to localize them.

UseSpecKeyTipPositioning – Gets or sets whether Office 2007 UI Design Guidelines are used for KeyTip positioning. Default value is true. The Office 2007 UI Design guidelines allow only 3 rows for KeyTips displayed on RibbonBar controls. If you have more than 3 rows of command on RibbonBar this property allows you to remedy that.