1. Close all instances of VS.NET and make sure that there is no devenv.exe process running on your machine. As alternative reboot machine.
  2. Uninstall DotNetBar using Add/Remove programs under Control Panel
  3. Search all your hard-drives for devcomponents.dotnetbar.dll and delete all instances found
  4. Search all your hard-drives for devcomponents.dotnetbar2.dll and delete all instances found
  5. Delete bin and obj folders in all projects that are using DotNetBar control
  6. Go to the Global Assembly Cache located at c:\windows\assembly and remove all instances of DevComponents.DotNetBar or DevComponents.DotNetBar2 by right-clicking the file and choosing Uninstall
  7. Install registered version of DotNetBar which asks for serial number
  8. Open your project in VS.NET then remove DotNetBar assembly reference from your project in References. Once removed, add it back again. This steps will reset assembly reference.
  9. If installing licensed version for the first time, open your project and open each form that is using DotNetBar components. Save them to upgrade licensing.

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