Colors customization for all controls in DotNetBar is done through Office2007ColorTable. Following code shows how to customize border color for input controls:


private void CustomizeColors()
    Office2007Renderer renderer = GlobalManager.Renderer as Office2007Renderer;
    if (renderer == null) return;
    Office2007ColorTable table = renderer.ColorTable;
    // TextBoxX colors
    ElementStyle style = (ElementStyle)table.StyleClasses[ElementStyleClassKeys.TextBoxBorderKey];
    style.BorderColor = Color.Red;
    // DateTimeInput, DoubleInput and IntegerInput Colors
    style = (ElementStyle)table.StyleClasses[ElementStyleClassKeys.DateTimeInputBackgroundKey];
    style.BorderColor = Color.Green;
    // Stand-alone ComboBoxEx colors
    Office2007ComboBoxColorTable comboColors = table.ComboBox;
    comboColors.DefaultStandalone.Border = Color.Goldenrod;


Private Sub CustomizeColors()
	Dim renderer As Office2007Renderer = CType(GlobalManager.Renderer, Office2007Renderer)
	If renderer Is Nothing Then
		Exit Sub
	End If
	Dim table As Office2007ColorTable = renderer.ColorTable
	' TextBoxX colors
	Dim style As ElementStyle = CType(table.StyleClasses(ElementStyleClassKeys.TextBoxBorderKey), ElementStyle)
	style.BorderColor = Color.Red
	' DateTimeInput, DoubleInput and IntegerInput Colors
	style = CType(table.StyleClasses(ElementStyleClassKeys.DateTimeInputBackgroundKey), ElementStyle)
	style.BorderColor = Color.Green
	' Stand-alone ComboBoxEx colors
	Dim comboColors As Office2007ComboBoxColorTable = table.ComboBox
	comboColors.DefaultStandalone.Border = Color.Goldenrod
End Sub